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Get paid to write down vehicle license plate numbers.

We are now recruiting thousands of americans nation wide to join our affiliates of information collectors.

License plateUnfortunately in todays economy banks and repo men are struggling to find and locate vehicles. Often times the person has fled or purposely move to avoid reposession of a vehicle. This is where you will shine. By writing down plates and entering them into the system you are creating valueable information for banks and repo men. This information is so valueable the demand for plate collectors is exploding.

What we are offering is much more then a chance to make a few dollars per month entering license plates. If you know family members or friends that will participate you will get paid for each license plate you enter, AND you will also paid for each license plate your family member or friend enters. As a kick start you will get $50 bonus check for entering your first 10 license plates. Chances for earnings do not stop there. For the first 3 members you recruit you will get paid a $25 bonus for each one. As an example, if you are able to recruit 3 members, and those members are able to recruit 3 others you will have made a total of $205 in your first month. The money you create is recurring and never stops. You would have created residual income for you and other participants for life. As you add new participants each month your income will grow along side. With a little effort you could be earning at much as $6,000 per month.

What happens to the vehicle license plates you enter?
They are entered into a massive data base that is used by repo, law enforcement, and insurance agencies to help track down vehicles. By entering these plate numbers you are making the community around you a better place.